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Cats, 12th May. The Morning After
One of the most bittersweet experiences in my theatre life - we were given a tour of the theatre on the sunday morning, before the removals started. All the detritus of the last performance - the icecream tubs, the confetti, all left, the stage not rotated back to its starting position, everything reached the end of its life. But still, magical to be allowed in to play in the junkyard, the only chance we'd ever had!
Going onstage Jared and Jenny onstage just one of those pics that doesn't come out too well behind the stage- to below the stage Pollicle costumes Pollicle costumes M with one of Skimble's train wheels Jenny seeing how Tugger felt Star Trap the footlights from Growltiger's last stand Gumbie Ladder hiding the orchestra Seats the infamous and much coveted underwear Posing onstage Jared on the car boot Jared in the tunnel Jared playing with a pollicle hat The mechanics of the Star Trap Skimble's train chimney Abandoned Mungo Uni! John Partridge's dressing room