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Cats, UK tour, Manchester - 15th March, 2003

Our latest crop of Cats costumes. I'm getting the technique of painting flat Lycra before sewing the unitards, I think! Many thinks to Wrenchy my lovely sister for helping with painting!
I also made a Unitard for Vicky, but unfortunately I didn't get a posed photo of her.
Anna as Leccie
Anna-Pearl as Electra. Unitard by Belle, wig by Idiosylph, tail and warmers by Anna.

Thingywot as Etcy
Thingywot as Etcetera. Costume by Belle.

Jared as Mungo
Jared as Mungojerrie. Unitard by Belle, wig by Spazzy Kitty, tail and warmers by Wrench.

Wrench as Bomby
Wrench as Bombalurina. Unitard by Belle and Wrench, wig by Spazzy Kitty.

Belle as Kittybelle
Belle as Kittybelle. Costume by Belle, wig by Jouley, tail by Idiosylph.

Idiosylph as Jelly
Idiosylph as Jellylorum. costume by Idiosylph.

Erikonil as Skimble
Erikonil as Skimbleshanks. costume by Idiosylph and Erikonil.

Heh, I had too much fun with paintshop while getting these pics ready! Sorry, that's what happens when my internet connection fails for a couple of nights... :(