Belle's Domain
Costume Meets

19th August 2000, StEx Fans' First Summer Party
also featuring the odd Christmas 2000 costume meet photo (word of warning - christmas costume meets = bad idea. too cold!)
At The Theatre
Group Shot - exterior! Group Shot - interior!  Those stairs were made for posing on. slightly random coaches
Posing in the street almost- almost sincere... Oh, poor Tom, being fought over...
Heather as Dinah, Thingywot as Pearl Thingywot left, Anna of Pearl's Domain right Jared as the littlest Rocky!
On the train there.  People kept looking at us funny... Amanda Valentine, so patient!
Little Jared random coaches.  I seem to appear a lot in these pics... Pearl's 'bumper sticker' reads 'I Love Steam Trains'
This all happened to take place on Adrian Hansel's birthday...  Adrian and Thingywot, take one... Adrian and Thingywot, take two...
Three Pearls - Thingywot, Marissa Dunlop, Anna
Getting Ready
Heather as Dinah, fixing up my first Belle costume Heather's always been a great Dinah, and starting blonde is very helpful if you want to dye your hair pink! nyawww, it's ickle Jared!  But how did we know back then he was gay?  Tom so unimpressed.
A match made in...  heaven? There's many words for this...  'my sister made me' being some of them...  Tom loved it really! Who needs Hip Hoppers?  Rusty's so street!
Lucy, as a sleeper, mastering her wheels. Pratting around is essential!
Christmas 2000
Jen as a sleeper, and myself as Belle.  In the cold. We got Thingywot a PINK Pearl wig!  Plus lil'Belle as Ashley, and myself as Belle Myself.   Just about recognisable
Late in 2000.  I still like the Femme electric bodice design.