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The 7000th Performance, January 2001

I wish I could describe this momentous celebration to you, but I wasn't there. This was the one and only time the Starlight Express fans have been officially recognised in UK by RUG. For the 7000th performance, we were invited to attend, in costume, and given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a photoshoot, in costume, onstage, with members of the cast. However, Mazz and I were at the time dutifully visiting family in New Zealand. Amazing how the most spectacular place can be ruined by the knowledge of the single most exciting event happening THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!!!
Thingywot, however, was part of the group that went, and these photos were taken for her, and she kindly let me put them up here to share. It was events after this occasion that decided that I would no longer simply lend out costumes. They either stay with me, or I get a deposit to get them back! The only other thing I lament is that this opportunity happened before I actually got any good at making costumes... The only sewing I contributed to this was Thingywot's Pearl and the Buffy costume.

Newspaper coverage - Adrian Hansel, Marissa Dunlop, and Trevor Michael Georges with Andew Lloyd Webber.  He's not short, they're in skates!

Who's Who:
Pearl with pink hair Anna
Pearl with luminous wig Thingywot
Buffy Stacey
Rocky 3 Tom
Volta Anna's Friend (kick me...)
Purse Jen
Krupp Lucy
Purse Martin Matthias
Electra Chris Copeland
Krupp Richard Ray-Allan
Bobo Barry McNiell
Dinah Leyla Pelligrini
Ashley Amanda Valentine
Joule (sorry!)
Rocky 3 Algernon Williams

Group Shots
Stepping up onstage...  (no skates) Paddock track Dare they step onto the stage proper?
I knight thee, Sir Rocky The Third Bobo's hiding! Line Up, everybody!
Can we get everyone in? Electra's got two purses and two Krupps.  Happy Electra!  Rusty, Pearl and Poppa were off having their photo taken with Lloyd Webber. where's their priorities?
Before and After
This was January. Thingywot looking gorgeous Thingywot and her mum!
Talking to Adrian Hansel after Ah!  The Pearliness! Best seats, inside paddock
Action Pearl! Everyone so pretty