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7th August 2001, StEx Fans' Summer Party

WOW, did we ever have fun! This was the 2nd Annual Starlight Express Fanclub Summer Party, and we really, really went to town! (Town being London, of course)
Well, the event pretty much started on Monday the 6th, When most of us went to see Cats. It was a great show, John Partridge avoided us well, but we had a fun evening!

On Tuesday, everyone arrived at my house to get changed. What a mess!!! It was amazing!!!

Tom's grrrrrr getting ready Jared:  what?

We all piled out of the house, depressed by the rain, but nevertheless determined to have fun! in my nasty, manipulative way, I'd told everyone the train was at 12.45, when it was actually at 1.05... mwahaha... so, we had lots of time at the station to take photos, pose in a real train environment, etc, etc!
Everyone SMILE! Doh, Dinah... this camera...  lovely! Man, I am SO beautiful!
Anna as Pearl Kirsty as Ashley Jen as Buffy
Lucy as Dinah Mazz as Wrench Thingywot as Joule
Sarah as Volta Tom as Greaseball Jared as Rocky 1
Belle as Belle

Well, we finally got to Victoria, after scaring a lot of people on the train... Then, as it was 1.30, everyone was hungry, needed to find a bank, etc, etc. So we dumped our stuff in one of the theatre side doors (to keep dry from the rain) then people went off on errands- to McDonalds, boots, the bank... Wrench and Joule went to get some cash from the ATM, but Wrench's PIN number was rejected, so she and Joule went to the bank in person... they checked her passport for ID, and accepted her photo... despite the full Wrench makeup she was wearing... Then, we messed about some, skating a bit and taking some photos. It had stopped raining by then! Hallelujah!

Casey jnr. the raccoon, the Fanclub mascot Casey, dressed as Dinah, sitting on the theatre Everyone SMILE!  Taline as the 2nd class sleeper
Wrench, stop bullying Rocky... Buffy doesn't want to skate. Outside the theatre
makeup touch-ups TRAIN! so elegant, girls...

Then it was 2.30, and time to go in to the Matinee. Well, that was an interesting show!!! There's been a lot of injuries recently [:o(] So there were quite a lot of understudies...

Pearl mannequin the cast board, through a drunken haze...

sorry it's blurry, but should be legible..
As you can see, there was a worrying gap in the National/component list- they were down a cast member! Now, this is no tragedy in a show such as Cats, but with StEx it caused problems... For the Entry of the National Engines, a female swing came on as Prince of Wales, but she then went offstage and Rolling Stock continued without Princey. She was very short, compared to the blokes. I wish I knew who she was! It wasn't Samantha Lane, who I saw play Princey once, nor was it Jo-Leigh Whelan, as she was standing behind us!
The FUNNIEST thing happened in Race 2... Poppa disappeared! after he fell over and the others jumped over him (Leaping Locomotives!)he went offstage, and Dustin continued racing solo... Dale Branston mugged it up perfectly! He was so funny... then once the race was over, and Poppa was acting as usual, i.e. that he'd won the race, Dustin was sooo offended, it was fantastic! Apparently, Trevor (Poppa) managed to break an axle on his skates, so his wheels were not held straight- impossible to skate with that damage! So he limped offstage and changed into his spare pair of skates As quickly as possible. I don't know how many people in the audience even realised Poppa was meant to be racing!

Well, after the matinee we went to the stage door. Algie Williams had agreed to try and take a few of our group backstage if he could... unfortunately, he wasn't allowed to. I don't know why, but maybe another time? Well, we got photos with him, anyway. Then we headed to Pizza hut. The one right by the theatre was kinda full, so the guy there suggested we make a short 3-min walk to the next restaurant, which was much larger and quieter. We did, and got Pizza, and strange looks... but you kinda get used to then when dressed as a train!

Anna and Algie Williams Algie and Jared
what? don't you know trains love Pizza?

After eating, we headed back to the theatre, dumping our stuff at the stage door again, before posing for a load of pics. Given we had the characters of Greaseball plus all the coaches, we copied some of the Pumping Iron poses and moves. Tom was very brave as Greaseball, skating over all the coaches! But then he got to be "Man, I am SO Beautiful!" as the girls fluttered around him...

Greaseball's coming! everyone hides their faces the techies watch, bemused...
Heads DOWN! Rocky:  He made it! cool! My turn? Yeah, Yeah, I know, I am SO Beautiful!  and the girls swoon
Pearl's gonna take off! what else are engines for? pose from OLC brochure
Poor Buffy looks all left out! Scary ponenty people Greaseball and the girls
Ponents with attitude! I think this is the scariest of all

Then it was time for the evening show, almost the same cast. Anna Woodside makes a very sweet Pearl, and she has lots of Fans! Even cheering at the start of Lotta Locomotion, very cool.
Martin Neely was on as Greaseball, he's 1st cast Princey. He was very cool for an understudy, though I don't think he's been playing the role for long. Basically he tried to copy Dustin Dubreuil as Greaseball, and he carried it off pretty well. I think my favourite touch of his was unique to the situation- During the Megamix, for the Rolling Stock bows, rather than dance Greaseball, he stepped back into his usual position of Princey, as it was vacant behind him! I though it was very cool.
Algie Williams was Rocky 1, very cool, he obviously enjoys taking the spotlight occasionally! He break-dances his solos, and points out "Rocky 2, Rocky 3" making it positive HE is head Rocky! he really is very, very cool. Rocky 2 was Paul Ramsay. Although I'm very impressed with his backflipping ability as Nintendo, as Rocky he seemed kinda distracted. Not quite up with the others, somehow. Richard Twyman as Rocky 3 was good, he does it.. yeah.. Also, Rory Williams was on as Ruhrgold. It's been ages since I last saw him onstage, so it was great! Even though he lost his cap for the beginning of the evening show... *nitpicker extrordinaire*

After the evening show, we went back to the stage door, to scare the cast a little more (as if they weren't already terrified!) Seriously, some cast members were very complimentary about the costumes and skating, and Kate Alexander gave us a few tips on improving our Wrench costume. Gradually the group dispersed, as people made their way home. We stayed around as long as possible, skating and enjoying the last of a fantastic day! Then we got home, and collapsed.