Belle's Domain
Costume Meets

Cats, Final Week - 8th May, 2002

Cast List
ThingyWot as Etcy, Junix and M as Purdy TW, Junix and Belle Purdy, Junix and Belle Junix and Idiosylph Junix with his fan-tribe

TW as Etcy Etcy Etcy Etcy Etcy everyone everyone Jemima and Tantomile Cats up a lamppost Bomby and Tantomile Jemima Belle Cute lil kids kitties and kids Etcy loves kids! Cute kids Pounce's splendid costume Pounce has a mouse Purdy's not looking cat butt

On the train home On the train home On the train Home yes Purdy now she's sulking tired Kitty Etcy Etcy On the train home