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Adam Floyd

Adam trained for three years at the Performer's Dance College.
He was part of Starlight Express in London for six years taking on the position of Stunt Coordinator and playing the role of Nintendo. He also understudied and played the parts of Flat Top and Rocky 2.
Pantomime credits include: Snow White (Cardiff), Aladdin (Stirling) and Cinderella (High Wycombe), where he was also Dance Captain and covered and played the role of Dandini.
Adam appeared in the summer seasons of Time of Our Lives (Llandudno, Southport, Bridlington and Hunstanton) and played the part of Blackbeard in Popeye and Pirate Stunt Show (Butlins, Skegness).
Television credits include: Live and Kicking, The Freddie Starr Show, This Morning, London Tonight, The O Zone, Up For It (MTV), The Box, Box Talk, The Mag, Trouble TV, Fox Kids, Nickelodeon, Diet Coke Awards.
Commercials include: Launch of the New Mazda 6, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Launch of Mercedes A3 and A4, Brentwood.
Recording credits include engagements with boyband E-Male.
Adam is very excited to be returning to Starlight Express for the UK tour. He would like to dedicate his performance to his parents who have given him all the support he needed to keep his career going.
(Starlight Express UK tour 2004 programme)

Starlight Express, UK tour 2004/05

London programme 2004
Adam Floyd is simply one of the strongest skaters I've ever seen. While I claim no expertise in judging skating, Adam's a joy to watch. As Nintendo he was channelled, focussed, determined to win. His skating is always so smooth and secure, and his tricks always so impressive he never failed to get a round of applause! Understudying Flat-top was a natural character progression, he had a licence to play around far more than a National engine could, and as a Rocky his skating skills more than made up for the fact he is not a natural Rocky type.
On the UK tour Adam played Prince of Wales, which somewhat jarred - Princey is a bumbling fool, always late and malfunctioning, but performed by one of the strongest skaters in the cast, and performing flawless backflips - intentionally! There was logic behind this casting - as Princey get scrapped before the races start, Adam had plenty of time to double as Trax 2, a second stunt skater/Track Marshall along with Matt King the blader for all the race scenes.
Now Adam is joining the 2006 Bochum Starlight Express cast, where he will really be able to stretch his wheels on the huge set as Espresso. I personally can't wait to get out to see him and the new cast!

Adam was in the boy-band E-Male, along with Julian Essex-Spurrier, Chris Copeland, Jason Pennycooke, and Paul Aloysius, who were all in Starlight Express at the time. The band performed on skates, of course, and each band member had their own "E-name". If I remember correctly, Adam was "E-zee"? E-male were before their time - their simple happy pop music came into fashion a couple of years after their single was released and was not hugely successful. However, all I have in reference to this band is a video clip of an interview and performance of their single "We Are E-Male". If anyone can donate more info I'd love to add it here - the world needs to remember this group!

Adam as Nintendo, London Starlight Express, UK tour 2004/05 Starlight Express, UK tour 2004/05
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