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Amy Field

Amy as Seal, We Will Rock you 2002

Trained: Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts
Theatre: Liz in Chicago (london); Delilah/Seal in original London cast of We Will Rock You (london); Buffy, Wrench, Spare Carriage and understudy to Buffy, Ashley and Dinah in Starlight Express (london); Charity Barnum in Barnum, Phylis Owen in (Churchill Theatre, Bromley).
Concerts: Inaugural and second annual Celebration of West End Musical Theatre (Palace Theatre, London).
Television: Top of the Popsspecial for Robbie Williams.
Video:Robbie Williams (tour).

Early Resume pic from Starlight Express, london Resume pic from We Will Rock You, london

We first met Amy in spring 1999, a week after she started as Wrench in Starlight Express. At the time we didn't know the cast were so new, we were just so impressed with the fierce, statuesque Wrench. She understudied both Ashley and Buffy, tho Buffy suited her slightly better. After her first year in the show, she became a swing, giving us the oppertunity to see her in 6 different roles (the principal Pearl being the only role she didn't play). As the tallest girl in the cast, taller than some of the men, she was easy to spot, but it maybe was a bit cruel to give her the particularly tall Volta wig. Still, her portrayal of all the characters was excellent, her Dinah being particularly close to perfect! All the little characterisations that we admired in different actresses, Amy combined them all in the one performance she gave as Dinah, before taking over as Buffy full time.
Once the role of Buffy was hers, Amy finally got a new costume! Although she was one of our favourite Buffys (her competition being Roni Bruno, whom she first understudied) as a swing she had the single most HIDEOUS Buffy costume, with ovals on the hips and a very boxy top, and a black wig streaked with grey. Her own costume was much, much nicer.
Amy won her permanent place of deity in our hearts during the final week of StEx in the West End, she was being interviewed on breakfast TV, and the interviewer was asking about us fans who show up in costume, and she wouldn't agree we were wierd, she said how much she and the rest of the cast loved the support from us!

Starlight Express photos.
Amy as Buffy (swing) Amy as Buffy Amy's arse (thanks Chris. MEN!)
BIG grin! Amy getting a kiss from Mark McGee skate maintenance
Amy's last night as Buffy
Amy as Wrench
That's as good as Brochure pics get. Pretty pants. amy as Wrench
They don't get any better. Amy as Buffy
Amy outside the Apollo Victoria, June 2001 Amy outside the Apollo Victoria, June 2001

We Will Rock You photos.
Amy as Delilah, We Will Rock you 2002
Amy as Delilah, in blue
Amy as Seal (centre), May 2002

Chicago Photos (to come)