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Starlight Express
Bobo- the French Engine with the silly name.
From France, the 120mph Sudest. The Power of the Sudest - BOBO!

Bobo was the first engine onstage in the "new" london show, resplendant in his blue and white striped pyjamas, and followed by a flag-bearer carrying the French Tricolore. Bobo, in his froofiness, takes a very fluid bow and moves on.

However, in other shows he looks very different. It seems the London nationals were designed as a set of 6 colourful chorus engines, each stripy with just their body armour and colours to tell them apart. However, for the Broadway and subsequent productions, the costumes were designed after the real engines the actors represent. So, the French TGV (Trains Grandes Vitesse- translates as very fast train) is orange, so Bobo is orange!

Now, in London Bobo came 2nd to Poppa, in the original story this meant he just missed out on making the final and during the OLC rap he complains about losing "I was second, I should have won, I'm incredibly fast! Nobody beats me, everybody beats him (Rusty), where's the point? he'll only be last!". However, in the "new" London show coming second put him in the final. Bobo races with Ashley, and they're a pretty close couple, very affectionate, it's cute! However, in the "new" London final race, Greaseball needs a coach after leaving Pearl to plunge to her death, he punches Bobo and grabs Ashley, she doesn't seem to object...

Non-London shows have Bobo quite different. He races with Buffy, not Ashley. Also, he doesn't make the final - that's left to Ruhrgold in Germany, and Hashamoto in US and Japan tours. In London, Bobo pulls the coaches around during the Rap etc, which is logical enough - Pearl's off with Electra, Bobo's taking Ashley and giving her friends a lift. However, in Bochum Ruhrgold pulls the coaches - because he's in the final. But he races with Joule, he's got nothing to do with the coaches! So why pull them?

In all productions, Bobo doubles as a race marshall and Greaseball's Gang, so there're fewer photos of him. That is, if he's even IN the production. The 2nd US tour and the subsequent UK tour don't feel the need to have Bobo or Espresso.

Bochum Artwork, 1994

Tom Moneypenny Allan Edwards
Mitch Sebastian Stefan Reekie
Tomotaka Sugimoto Yuki Yasutoko

Bobo Backstage
London Bobos had especially beautiful makeup- the actors were given a fair amount of freedom within the limited palette of colours, and Barry McNiell especially produced some beautiful designs. Every show he'd do something a little different.
Stuart Cross Lee Ives Lee Ives
Barry McNiell Barry McNiell Richard Woodford
Richard Woodford Richard Woodford
Bochum, 2002 Bochum, 1998 Bochum, 1993
Nick Bower, Bochum 2006 Nick Bower, Bochum 2006

Costume design for original London production, 1984


Far left - London 1984 London 1984 Far left - London 1984
Racing, heat 2 - London 1984 Sulking in The Rap - London 1984 London 1992
London 1992 London 1992 London 1995
He's watching you - London 1997 London 1998 London 1998
London 1998 London 1998 - a good year for Bobo London 1999
London 2001

Japan/Australia Tours

Complete with totally bewildering race structure. Bobo racing with Pearl? Photoshoot, maybe, or for real? Or was it Coco, Bobo's twin brother?
Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Bobo and Coco, Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Racing with Flat-top here, Japan/Australia Tour, 1987
Racing with Pearl. Score! Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Espresso and Caboose jumping Bobo and... DINAH? Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Definitely Pearl. Japan/Australia Tour, 1987
Japan/Australia Tour, 1987 Japan Tour, 1990 Racing with Ashley.  Far more conventional on the Japan Tour, 1990

U.S. Productions

Not too popular, but still blue!

Far Right, Broadway, 1987 US Tour, 1989 2nd from right, Las Vegas, 1989
Las Vegas, 1993

Bochum, Germany

He looks just like the TGV!

Bochum, 1988 Bochum, 1988 Flying Bobo! Bochum, 1988
Bochum, 1989 Bochum, 1998 Bochum, 1998.  They like this shot.
Bochum, 1998 Bochum, 1997 Bochum, 2005
Bochum, 2006 Bochum, 2006

Bochum, 1993
Bochum Bobo 1990
Bochum Bobo 1993