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Bochum, Open Day 2006

Talk to the hand...

The adventures of the Open Day...

It was a rather eventful day, in all. We lost Purse less than half an hour into the day, but we got Jared back later. Wrench was much admired, and absolutely confused so very many small children. Well, she's clearly a Starlight Express character- but she had "Deutschland-Kopf!" She got the full range of "Oh wow!" to "but that's WRONG!" reactions, all very entertaining.
As ever the theatre was incredibly busy, but for once it was not unbearably hot - indeed it was rather cool, perfect skating-in-costume weather. Some remarkably good fan costumes, lots of kids in costume too. Unfortunately I missed both the fan competition and the auction as I was at the skate show and backstage while they were on. Possibly the best moment was getting a photo of Wrench with Electra, well worth the crowd and 2.50 euros! (will scan polaroid asap).

prep - lightening the hair spirit gum on wig lace err... shame he got a bad reaction to the makeup an hour later and had to take it all off!
affixing wig pretty pose there, Purse Electra's such a gentleman.
Electric shiny things! Don't mess with this one ticking over
still ticking over GREASEBALL!!!!  *ahem* You didn't just photograph that, did you?

Chris Barron as Greaseball, Leon Maurice Jones as Electra.

The Fans

We Will Rock You Gala performance.
Bohemians on the Train's home turf - freaky, man! A Home-coming for David Michael Johnson, who played Electra in 1989, playing Brit (whatever they call him in Germany...) here.

Some things in Starlight Express are eternal! When collecting for Charity, if you donate enough you can get photos of the cast... Nick Bower(?) as Bobo, Adam Floyd as Espresso, Michael Byrne as Krupp, Andrew Simeon as Purse. These were taken after the shows in the week following the Open Day, if I understood German I'd know what they were collecting for. But I'm sure it's a worthy cause, schools in Africa I think?