Belle's Domain

December 1982
It's worth noting that the programme I have, from which this cast list is copied, still has its understudy slip inside. Which tells us "At this performance, Geoff Davids plays Quaxo, Nigel Spencer, Mr Mistoffolees and Julie Horner, Jemima." It's interesting that the traditionally combined role of Quaxo and Mistoffolees was on this occasion split, which the solo dance part taken by the first cast Alonzo. The running order however specifies "Quaxo, otherwise known as Mr Mistoffolees".
Admetus Steven Wayne Alonzo Nigel Spencer
Asparagus Stephen Tate Bill Bailey Michael Sundin
Bombalurina Beverley Kay Carbucketty Luke Baxter
Cassandra Diana Choy Coricopat Richard Lloyd-King
Demeter Jayne Draper Electra Sally Dewhurst
Etcetera Julie Horner George Geoff Davids
Grizabella Angela Richards Jellylorum Nina Caie
Jemima Sara Brightman Jennyanydots Myra Sands
Mungojerrie/Macavity Richard Pettyfer Munkustrap David Burt
Old Deutoronomy/Bustopher Brian Blessed Quaxo/Mistoffolees Miguel Godreau
Rumpleteazer Jillie Mack Rum Tum Tugger Paul Nicholas
Skimbleshanks Kenn Wells Tantomile Rosita Yarboy
Tumblebrutus/Rumpus Nigel Spencer
Victor Chris Beeching Victoria Jacqui Harman

Cats Chorus
Phillipa Harman Nick Hamilton Stephen Hill Meryl Richardsom