Belle's Domain

Cats in London, Autumn 1999
For some reason, the late 1990s Cats brochures are all really colourless and overly blue, except when they're over-saturated in red. Either way, it's hard to get a good, clear photo of them! A lot of photoshopping's gone into trying to get these pics to just look normal!

July 1999

Admetus/Macavity Kenny Linden Alonzo Tristan Temple
Asparagus/Bustopher Jones Michael Cantwell Bill Bailey Joe Ryan
Bombalurina Heather Douglas Carbucketty Clifford Stein
Cassandra Emma Tunmore Coricopat Michiel Verkoren
Demeter Wendy Kitching Electra Agnes Vanderpote
Etcetera Lucie Fentum George/Rumpus Steven Wayne
Grizabella Sally Ann Triplett Jellylorum Nikki Ankara
Jemima Veerle Castelyn Jennyanydots Ulrika Butt
Mungojerrie Nick Searle Munkustrap David Ashley
Old Deutoronomy Nicholas Pound Quaxo/Mistoffolees Louie Spence
Rumpleteazer Sascha Kane Rum Tum Tugger Koffi Missah
Skimbleshanks Matthew Gould Tantomile Beth Robson
Victor Spencer Stafford Victoria Sarah Soetaert

Cats Chorus
Sarah Keeton Brenda Moore Ellie Tyrrell
Samuel Hall Mark Johns Patrick Kiens
Standby Kit Benjamin

Photos - November 1999