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Cats Mannequins

Mannequins inside the New London Theatre. (featuring Casey the raccoon!)
Tantomile with Casey, our mascot Coricopat-  such a gentleman!  Tantomile's tail was stolen, so cori's was given to her. Skimbleshanks- gorgeous colouring on the unitard. Jellylorum, with Casey taking a ride!

Mannequins from the Waxworks museum in Blackpool.
Rumour says that these are the original london costumes. hmm. Well, maybe bits of them are?
Some parts, like Gus's mask makeup, could be taken from the mid 1980s London designs, I think...
Let's play a game. Guess the character, then hover over the picture to find out who it is! :)

Bombalurina, 'The Red Queen', APPARENTLY.  I rather like her face, but the mannequin body worries me... well, Cats DO like feather boas... generally to kill tho, not to wear!
Mistoffolees, how'd you guess? A VERY Fluffy Deutoronomy ok, so the sign's a giveaway, but Gus.  I've never seen that style of makeup before?
Another angle on Bomby.  Ever tried washing tfeather boa?  Ever tried NOT washing a dance unitard? Rum Tum Tugger, with a BIIIIIIG wig! I do like his face as well...
Close-up on Gus Deut looks totally insane. those are feathers on Misto's chest, and peering over the fence is MUNGOJERRIE?  When was Mungo mainly black?