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Theatrical Record - 6 Andrew Lloyd Webber shows running in London - September 1991

Cats Mannequins from various displays

Cats Character Sims Skins (coming... one day... email me for them!)

Cats turning on Christmas Lights at Whiteleys' Shopping Centre. Christmas 2001

Photos of Cats over 20 years in Germany

Illustrations of the characters from German programmes

Cats Wigs

After Cats closed in London, I had the opportunity to get hold of a few wigs from the show from a staff member who was emigrating. Photos of these wigs keep coming in handy for Cats costume makers!
If you think you've seen them, please let me know! They, complete with the storage box they were in, have disappeared from my house and I suspect been sold on within the West End community. Since costume pieces are sometimes stolen from theatres, there is a hush-hush system of passing these things on, but these three wigs were not stolen from a production with multiple replacements, they were my most beautiful, prized Cats memorabilia, worth so much to me in part because I have memories of seeing them worn onstage. They're irreplacable, and I'm heartbroken that someone I trusted and brought into my home would steal my precious wigs from me.

Tugger! Macavity, the wild beast Tantomile, Elegant delicate lady

Cats, pre-opening London 1981

Sarah Brightman, as-yet unnamed dancer cat Paul Nicholas and Stephen Tate Bonnie Langford and Valerie Eliot Finola Hughes

EVEN OLDER than the group photo above... One of the early problems of Cats was that, during previews, Dame Judi Dench (who was playing Grizabella) tore her hamstring and had to be replaced at the last minute by Elaine Paige. I found an article about Ms Dench's theatre life, and it included this picture... Actually, I think it is the same photoshoot as the group photo above! Finola Hughes looks exactly the same to me?

Photos from Books

Cats are pretty. People like using photos of them as illustrations of Lloyd Webber's success, Theatrical makeup, animal charities... It tends to be quite random! Anyway, I recently got hold of my friend's library, and scanned in pretty pics.

This one... your guess is as good as mine. My aunt sent me the clipping.

German advert for the show. Need to re-scan it at better resolution!