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Swing Cats

While most of the swing cats from the London production do not have official names, they do have their own destinct costumes. Their rarity makes them mysterious and fascinating. Sometimes they appear in the group cast photos. The swings had their own unique costumes because of the specific way Cats was cast, with a group of tall characters and a group of short characters, adults and kittens. Summer Strallen, for example, was a tall swing, perfect for understudying roles such as Cassandra. However she was often called on to cover Etcetera or Jemima, short kittens. She was too tall to wear a normal Etcetera costume, so she wore her swing costume. The swing costumes are designed to blend into the tribe, to look right for any character the swing might be covering at the time.

The most well-known London Swing cat (see right) is sometimes called "Nameless Brown Queen", "Greycat" (costume more grey than brown sometimes), "Hisperia", or "Summer" - in honour of Summer Strallen, who wore the costume in the final London cast. Both Summer's parents, Sandy Strallen and Cherida Langford, were in Cats, and her aunt, Bonnie Langford, was Rumpelteaser in the original London cast, giving Summer a definitely feline pedigree!

Swing Cats

Play name-the-cat, and there's a lot more faces here than characters - swings included in duplicate costumes
Male Etcy?
NBQ almost mistaken for Cassandra

Group shot - swing tom extreme bottom right
1993 London. Most of the swings are in the bottom row, but there's also a swing directly above Etcetera, and the understudy/walking cover Gus top right.

close-up swing-boy bottom, walking cover Gus top right

Group shot
Easier to name the named characters in this image! Munkustrap centre, Electra behind to left. Swingcat in front of him. Swingcats behind him.
Demeter to the right. George in front of Demeter. Walking cover Gus behind her.

Group shot
Rest of the same group of swings. Directly behind Victoria is Victor (not a swing, normal chorus cat).
Right of Victoria, at the back, Jennyanydots, in front of her, swingcat, to the right Bill Bailey. Centre swing tom, front Nameless Brown Queen swing.

swingcat behind Carbucketty full length shot of NBQ
swingcat at back, behind Cassandra swingcat directly behind Rumpleteaser

group shot
From the back: Munkustrap; Swingcat
Swingcat; George; NBQ
Electra; Demeter; Coricopat; Swingcat

swingcat right, in front of Etcetera swingcat boys centre, behind Carbucketty and in front of Cassandra swingcat girls right, in front of Victoria
Victoria, swing kittens swing kittens, Etcetera
swingcats bottom left swingcats, Etcetera right Etcetera, swingcats
swingcat behind Misto, in front of Etcetera swingcats back row, behind Munkustrap and George swingcat behind Carbucketty
Left, and behind, Cassandra Etcetera, swingcats NBQ looking particularly golden

group shot
Victoria, NBQ, Victor
Almost-Jemima, Tabbygirl

Group pic Group pic Group pic NBQ, bottom right