Fiery, ferocious, feral, and many other alliterative words describe Macavity. His wig emphasises the wild nature of the character, no neat grooming here. The wig has only the slightest suggestion of ears amongst the long pile of the yak hair. there are fewer feline characteristics here to suggest the "Cat", but then Macavity is very definitely not one of the tribe.

As Macavity is seen onstage for a very short time, the wig has less wear. But this is a magnificent beast of a wig, wild, huge, very colourful. A big impact design!

Wide, wild wig
side view with the suggestion of an ear
that 'ear' in closeup
back of the wig
could do with a longer-necked wighead
very clearly constructed in three sections- the front over-ear band, the middle and the dished back piece
frayed wig lace
showing nape of neck
immaculate hairline