This wig was bought, along with Macavity and Tantomile, from a woman who had worked on Cats in the wig dept. When the show closed she was given her choice of wigs to take as souvenirs. However, she then was moving abroad and had to sell off most of her collection. Most of her wigs have remained in the Cats fan community. As she styled the wigs for the show, all the wigs she sold are in perfect condition and styled as in preparation for the performance.

This wig is labelled as David Shannon's 2nd wig- I guess his reserve/backup should he do some damage to his principal wig. It shows a little wear but is in lovely condition. Purdy wanted to be included in the photoshoot, for contrast and scale. And she didn't see why she should move.

Purdy is unfussed by the photoshoot
back of the wig is very neat
bald patch from the hair lying awkwardly- could be brushed out
That quiff must be held in place
An ear
inside wig
shows how it covers human ears
hole re-inforced.  For mic?
Purdy posing