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The April Spring Fan Art Competition!

Spring Is Here!

Springtime, the air is warm, flowers are bursting into bloom, and joy and happiness abound like butterflies in the warm pastel scented breeze. Spring fever has hit the rails, and our friendly trains have taken to delighting in it's cheerful bounty. It's a beautiful day, and the trains have the afternoon off! What do they get up to? How do they enjoy this lovely day? Show us...

This is an art competition - paint/draw/stage/digitally create this beautiful spring afternoon, warm, sunny and happy! Feel free to use both genuine Starlight Express characters and fan-created characters. The most important element must be that they're all happy, enjoying the lovely weather! Set the scene, show the location, what they're doing. Use colour and light. Wondering what I mean? well, here's Buffy and Ashley enjoying just such a lovely day...

Photo (c)


DO make it sunny! Pretty, happy, Springtime warm and fuzzies here please! Everything that's good about the season. Easter, flowers, picnics, bunnies, lambs, butterflies...
DO read these rules and instructions carefully!
DO use your own original character or characters as well as the genuine characters if you like.
DO use any artistic medium you like, pencils, paint, photoshop, real life photography?
DO take your time and make this artwork you're proud of.
DO post your entries on the forum and email them to me.
DO enter up to 4 (four) Entries! Not three, but four!
DO NOT use another person's original character without their EXPRESS permisson.
NO NOT trace or otherwise copy someone else's artwork.

Deadline for Entries: Saturday 21st April

Voting Ends: Sunday 29th April

Email Me this then:
Email: (if you want it on the page)
Website/Deviantart page: (again if you want it shared)
And attach or link me to the picture!


Kaptain Karrot!

01 Lady Bealzabub

02 Catslover1

03 Ceri

04 Ceri

05 Ceri

06 Kaptain Karrot

07 Kovitlac

08 Kovitlac

09 Martina

10 Martina

11 Roller Boy Jeremy

12 Roller Boy Jeremy

13 Roller Boy Jeremy

14 Roller Boy Jeremy

15 Tantopat

16 Tantopat

17 Tantopat

18 Tantopat

19 Tumblepatch