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August Starlight Express Fan Art Competition!

This summer I'm feeling our National Engines are rather under-loved. So this competition is a celebration of the Nationals!

This is an Open competition. You can enter just about anything - you need to make it yourself, and it needs to relate clearly to the canon Starlight Express National Engines. (If you want to be obscure, I'll also include changed names, Japanese duplicates and Canuck and Cesar from the On Ice show). So artwork, fanfic, makeup, modelling, art photography of the real trains (probably easiest for our Germans to get Ruhrgold! But you might be in France and see the TGV...) artwork of said real trains.... group shots of all 5, 6, 10 Nationals... National + partner (canon or fan character)... Anything you can think of! If you're not sure, ask me.


Deadline for Entries: Sunday 19th August
Voting closes: Sunday 26th August

DO enter up to four items.
DO do anything you can think of!
DO NOT steal/trace/copy someone else's work
DO NOT use old art - do something new for this competition please!
DO take your time and use references.



Bobo Bobo
B-Chan Catslover
Turnov Ruhrgold
Ceri Forest
Prince of Wales Prince of Wales
Kovitlac Wrench
Princey and Rocky Bobo and Coco
Wrench Piz
The Engines Bobo
Toxic Woodyfan
Krissi Krissi