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The February Fan Art Competition!

See it, Don't Believe It!?

Right, after a bit of a break, the monthly competition is back! This month, it's time to break out the Photoshop... paintshop... paint? scissors and glue? I want to see Starlight-themed Photoshopped images. Create the most outlandish, silly, amusing, quirky combination of images, let your imaginations run wild! Find a photo, alter it, post it to entertain us.


Entries close: Sunday 24th February Voting closes: Friday 29th February (yay leapyear!)

Post your entry the forum, and I'll put it on here.

Enter up to 4 images. You can post more and change your mind, but the first 4 images in this thread will be the ones I count as your entries
Stick to brochure/press/published photos. No backstage images, that's too easy!
Use whatever software you have available - it's the idea, not the technical ability that counts.
I don't think it's an issue, but no stealing anyone else's work! But if you have a really obvious idea, someone else might chance upon the same thing without it being theft.
Post your images on the forum please. might be good to put your name on the actual image as a tag, too.

Send me your vote by PM on the forum, please!


by B-chan


by Catslover


by Catslover


by Ceri


by Forest


by Fox


by Kovitlac


by Kovitlac


by Toxic


by Wrench