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The Great July Fan Fiction Competition!

Welcome to the Great July Fan Fiction Competition! The game's simple - write us a short story, don't break the rules, and the story with the most votes wins.

Dear Diary...


* The format of the story must be diary entries, as written by one of the characters in Starlight Express. It can be one entry or several entries into the diary.
* Each person can submit up to two stories.
* DO NOT PLAGARISE - don't copy someone else's work. (you are allowed, if you want, to describe the races we see in the show.)
* Keep it family-friendly. No graphic sex or violence. You may imply such things took place, but not describe them.
* Length - I don't want to set a definite word count, it can be as short or long as you feel it needs to be to tell your story. But keep in mind that the voters will be reading these stories, and you only have 3 weeks to write it, so no novels please!
* To define Starlight Express Characters - the diary must be written from the viewpoint of a Canon StEx character - that means any who have appeared onstage in a professional production. Belle, Caboose, Krupp, Rocky 4, all fine. For this competition, please do not use your own creations. The competiton is writing about the real characters!
* Entries in English only please... My German friends, please don't let this put you off, you're free to ask for help in translating if you like!
erm... I think that covers everything?

To enter, please send me an email to with the story as an attachment. I will then code it into a html page and link to it at the bottom of this page.

Entries must be sent by 23rd July. After which, votes can be sent by PM through the forum to me by 30th July, and then I'll announce the winner!

TITLE: Dear Diary...

Deadline for Entries: Sunday 23rd July

Voting Ends: Sunday 30th July

Here they are - the entries...

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