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The Great June Fan Art Competition! ***NOW CLOSED***

Since we've got so many great artists in the Starlight Express community, I reckon a competition is in order! The rules are simple - draw us a picture inspired by the title, by the deadline. The subject matter must feature authentic Starlight Express characters, but fan characters may be included as well. After the deadline, vote for the favourite to win by PMing your vote to admin (me) on the Belle's Domain forum. After a week I'll tally up the votes, and announce the winner. There might even be a prize! All the entries will be displayed on this page, in the order I receive them. Each artist can submit one or two pieces of art, no more. As Webmistress I may re-format hugely large files for viewing online if really necessary, and the art will stay up on Belle's Domain, with proper credit, of course!

TITLE: But I Loved You!

Deadline for Entries: Sunday 18th June

Voting Ended: 25th June


But I Loved You! - Martina
Website/Devart link: Railway Dreams
Artist: Martina

But I Loved You! - Forest But I Loved You! - Flying Scotsgirl
Artist: Forest Artist: Flying Scotsgirl
Website/Devart link: Website/Devart link: (none)

But I Loved You! - Catslover1 But I Loved You! - Wrench
Artist: catslover1 Artist: Wrench
Website/Devart link: Website/Devart link:

But I Loved You! - Boose Boy But I Loved You! - Jess
Artist: Boose Boy Artist: Jess
Website/Devart link: Website/Devart link: