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June Starlight Express Fan Art Competition!

I know we've done this last year, but it's so much fun... Make Up Competition! Paint yourself up as a Starlight Express character. Paint your friends as Starlight Express characters. Paint your cat - wait, no... human faces only, please!

Official characters only please.
Think what will make your makeup stand out and get a vote over the others!
Accessories - wig, costume, set, etc, are welcome, but not necessary.
Any type of makeup is fine, whatever works for you...
The design needs to be recognisable, so do use references, but not a slavish copy of any one photo. Take liberties, make it personal!
It does not need to be your face that you paint - the artist is the entrant, not the model.
You can enter up to 5 makeups. But with the Caboose thing, only one Caboose per person PLEASE??
Finally, I reserve judgement on limiting the number of Caboose entries. We all love the evil little guy, but if you CAN do something else, please do! If I've got 6 cabeese pics and nothing else, I might ask you to do another design.

Send me a GOOD quality headshot, please! No dimly lit webcam images - show us the details, the colours, your artistry.

Finally - in preparation for the Open Day, can the Coaches I'm dressing for each enter their character makeup as one entry? You can do four more, so I'm not wanting to curb your creativity, but give us a preview of what lovely coaches you're gonna make! And practice makes perfect..

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Friday 29th June (after open day!)

VOTING CLOSES: Monday 2nd July (just the weekend to vote)

Caboose Dinah
B-Chan the Caboose B-Chan the Caboose
Purse Rusty
Boose Boy Boose Boy
Dinah Rusty
CatsLover1 CatsLover1
Pearl Electra
CatsLover1 Ceri
Pearl Trax
Ceri Ceri
Volta Buffy
Ceri Forest
Electra Joule
Forest Forest
Purse Purse
Forest Kaptain Karrot
Pearl Electra
Krissi Toxic
Flattop Purse
Toxic Toxic
Volta Wrench
Toxic Toxic