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The March Fan Character Competition!

On The Rails...

This month's competition is truly creative - I want to see artwork of your own characters. Yes, Fan characters aren't only allowed, they are the whole point of this competition! Design a character of your own creation that would fit as part of Control's train set. Remember we're talking about toy trains given personality here. So in designing your character, take a look at what rolling stock is out there. Consider what they are - Engine, Carriage, Freight? Then think, how does that affect their appearance? What elements of the original designs make the characters look like toy trains, and how can you use those things in creating your own character?


DO: Think about it, and be creative!
DO: Enter up to three drawings.
DO NOT: trace/copy someone else's artwork.
DO NOT: copy someone else's character idea. (making a female Electra doesn't count as an idea. you can't copyright that idea!)
DO NOT: Colour Caboose in blue and call him "Blue Caboose" and call that a new character. I want more effort than that!
DO: look at real trains and real toy trainsets.
DO: try and show us something about the character in the pose, etc!
DO: draw the picture however you want - photoshop, pencil, acrylics, chalk on the pavement....
DO: Include some text if you like.
DO: enter a picture you've already done, if it fits all the above.

When you have an entry, both email it to and put "Competition Entry" in the subject line, and put the picture into this thread for everyone to see!

ENTRIES CLOSE: Friday 23rd March
VOTING DATES: 24th - 28th March

Please consider - when voting, vote for the best CHARACTER, not just the best artwork. It's all about creating more Starlight Express characters, whether or not you can draw!


Kandy the concession car by Bealzabub


Virginia a Virgin passenger car by Catslover 1


Solitaire, a gambling car by Forest


Carry the Baggage Van by Roller Boy Jeremy


Gold the First Class Carriage by Roller Boy Jeremy


Merlot the Beverage Carriage by Roller Boy Jeremy


Sugar by Kaptain Karrot


Wolfgang the Trans-European Express by Kaptain Karrot


Cobalt the Electric Engine by Kovitlac


Lars the Electric money truck by Kovitlac


Vortex the Electric Spa car by Kovitlac


Derail the crashed ICE Engine by Martina


Martina the Electric component by Martina


Govia the Couthern Coach by Minx


Kerosene the Diesel Engine by Minx


RT by Minx


Eva the Evacuation carriage by Tantopat


Okellio the Diesel/Electric hybrid by Tantopat


Honey a female Electric engine by Tumblepatch


Passione a female diesel by Tumblepatch


Richie a Treasury Truck by Tumblepatch


Sandy the Cement truck by Wrench