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Caboose's Cheating Colouring Competition!!

What do all honest people hate? Cheaters. How do you cheat in art? You take someone else's work, change it around a bit, and pass it off as your own. It is cheating, it is unfair, so why do people do it? WHY?
Well, this month's competition is a sort of experiment. Here are three line drawings contributed especially by Roller Boy. He has done the "hard" bit, which so many cheaters find impossible, drawing the human forms. Now we turn them over to you.

To enter this competition, you need to use one of these drawings and draw it up as a Starlight Express character. It's up to you whether you want to use photoshop etc, or print them out and hand colour them. Add costume, face, hair, skates, background. Share "your" work with us on the thread on the forum.

Dos and Don'ts

DO enter up to three pictures - not necessarily one of each drawing.
DO try to make it look like your own work! fool us!
DO erase bits if you need to, for clothes etc.
DO use reference photos for character details
DO NOT use this art other than for this competition.
If you post your competition entries elsewhere CREDIT ROLLER BOY for the line art!
DO NOT use fan characters for this competition, canon only please.

Deadline for Entries: Sunday 20th May

Voting Ends: Sunday 27th May

1) Catslover1 2) Forestfruits
3) Fox 4) Kaptain Karrot
5) Kaptain Karrot 6) Kovitlac
7) The Lady Tantomile 8) The Lady Tantomile
9) Piz 10) Piz
11) Wandering 12) Wrench
13) Picasso Expresso