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The November Fan Art Competition!

Painting and Decorating - Make a Wallpaper!

Partly inspired by Voltabuffy's beautiful creations - - this month's competition is to make a wallpaper for your computer desktop! This is an image manipulation competition, not drawing. However knowing how to use photo software is vital, so if you've not got much experience, look up some tutorials before you start!

You can make your wallpaper in either 1024x768 (standard desktop) or 1280x800 (standard laptop) pixels. You can use any published Starlight Express photos or Stock images. Theme your wallpaper any way you like - all one cast, all one character, your favourite actors - anything. Remember that the point of a wallpaper is to be your computer desktop. It's personal, interesting, makes you smile - but also has icons covering it and you need to be able to find them.


DO - Be creative and interesting, have a plan
DO - Use any images that aren't restricted
DO NOT - use personally copyrighted backstage images
DO NOT - simply re-size one of the German Press images
DO - experiment with effects
DO - consider downloading software to make the most of your ideas if you don't already have something like Paintshop Pro or Photoshop
DO - stick to the sizes given. These are going to be downloadable wallpapers!
DO - put your name in the design somewhere so people know it's your work
DO - ask me if there's one particular image on my site you want to use at higher resolution. I can dig out the scan files easily.
DO - scan in your own photos
DO NOT - include non-StEx photos of actors etc. Backgrounds are allowed.
DO - Enter up to three wallpapers

Deadline for Entries: 19th November

Voting Ends: 26th November

Email Me this then:
Website/Deviantart page:

Artist: Forest
Artist: Bealzebub
Artist: Catslover1
Artist: Catslover1
Artist: Catslover1
Artist: Comedyclaire
Artist: Shadow
Artist: Girlyboose