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The October Halloween Fan Art Competition!

As the run-up to Halloween is on us (But is anyone importing candy corn? no!) this month's competition has to be halloween-themed!
This is an art competition - I want to see your favourite character/s out trick-or-treating, DRESSED AS STARLIGHT EXPRESS characters. So you take your non-StEx character and dress them in a costume from the show. Tigger wearing Greaseball, Legolas lost the bet and dressed as Pearl! Coloured and backgrounded pics are always great, make your entry as pretty and eye-catching as you can. Also try to make your pictures funny - there's so much potential for comedy in halloween costumes. Please include a bit of a description to go with your picture, it can be just a caption like "Harry Potter always preferred blue to pink..." to explain why he's dressed as Dinah... or a very short story giving us background on who your character is when they're not dressed as a train.

Entries will be put up on my site and shared on the forum as they are received. All entries must be received by the end of Friday 27th October. Once entries are closed, votes must be PMed to me via the forum by the 30th October. The winner will be announced in time for Halloween celebrations!


DO use your own original character or characters.
DO use characters from your favourite programmes/films/books/shows.
DO NOT use another person's original character without their EXPRESS permisson.
NO NOT trace or otherwise copy someone else's artwork.
DO use photo references to make your costumes recognisable!
DO NOT use your own designs of Starlight Express costumes, onstage versions only please.
DO use any artistic medium you like, pencils, paint, photoshop, but not photo manipulations.
DO read these rules and instructions carefully!
Deadline for Entries: Friday 27th October

Voting Ends: Monday 30th October

Email Me this then:
Email: (if you want it on the page)
Website/Deviantart page: (again if you want it shared)
And attach or link me to the picture!

Send me your vote in a PM through the forum on Belle's Domain.
Tell me your favourite picture, NOT your favourite artist.

Artist: Roller Boy
Artist: Roller Boy
Artist: Roller Boy
Artist: Girlyboose
Artist: Wrench
Artist: Martina
Artist: Kovitlac
Artist: Catslover1
Artist: Catslover1