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October Starlight Express Fan Art Competition!

This month's competition is very wide in scope, you can paint, draw, write, dress up, photomanipulate, bake, whatever!!!

The theme is "Makeover". So... how do you relate that to Starlight Express and its characters? It's up to you! Want to do a timeline of Wrench through the ages? What happens when Purse persuaded Krupp to let him do a makeover? Pearl wanted to go grunge? You can anthro the characters, or keep them in the style we see onstage, you can make it as comic as you like. Or as straight if you want- if there's a costume you'd love to see redesigned onstage, show us your design! I'd particularly like to see more stories as well as artwork... an illustrated story would rock! Could be halloween related, but not necessarily...


* Do enter up to 4 entries - an illustrated story would be one entry. A montage image would be one entry.
* Official, canon characters only please, no fan-characters this time - it'll get way too confusing.
* Do NOT steal! This means no tracing or lifting your ideas directly from someone else's work. On the other hand, femme!Electra is not copyrightable.
* Do put as much time and effort into your entries as you can afford - a fully inked and coloured artwork is more rewarding than a 5-minute sketch on lined paper....

Entry deadline: Saturday 27th October
Voting deadline: Friday 2nd November

Femme Electra Vegas-Style Rusty
B-Chan Boose-Boy
Pearl as Glinda Electra
Catslover1 Ceri
Heelies?  Not a good idea! Purse and Caboose at a Masquerade
Ceri Forest
Caboose made-over Purse off trick or treating
Fox Kaptain Karrot
Electra and components Femme Electra
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Toxic Kovitlac