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The September Starlight Express Fan Art Competition!

Simple competition - paint a face. Face Painting. Makeup!!! Copy a makeup design from Starlight Express, take a photo, send it to me by the 24th September. From 24th to 1st October I shall accept votes for your favourite makeup via Private Message on my forum. The winner will be announced after, and will probably get a prize!

Official characters only please. If you're inspired to create a makeup design for your fan-character, please do share, but not for this competition. Also consider what makeup designs are impressive - Dinah, bless her, is never in the same league of artistry as Volta. Think what will make your makeup stand out and get a vote over the others!
Accessories - wig, costume, set, etc, are allowed, but not necessary.
Any type of makeup is fine, whatever works for you...
The design needs to be recognisable, but not a slavish copy of any one photo. Take liberties, make it personal!
It does not need to be your face that you paint - the artist is the entrant, not the model.
You can enter up to three makeups. But with the Caboose thing, only one Caboose per person PLEASE??
Finally, I reserve judgement on limiting the number of Caboose entries. We all love the evil little guy, but if you CAN do something else, please do! If I've got 6 cabeese pics and nothing else, I might ask you to do another design.

Send me a GOOD quality headshot, please! No dimly lit webcam images - show us the details, the colours, your artistry.

Deadline for Entries: Sunday 24th September

Voting Ends: 1st October


Artist: Rollerboy

Artist: Girlyboose
Artist: Shadow
Artist: Forest
Artist: Rollerboy
Artist: Rollerboy
Artist: Boose Boy
Artist: Catslover1
Artist: RainbowJoule