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Clockwork Droid - Doctor Who - "The Girl in the Fireplace"
Personal costume - Debut MCM Expo London, May 2011

18th Century French sack-back gown; mask and wig edited and repainted.

I drafted this gown on the stand, using historical references but also allowing some artistic freedom as the dress is not for historical re-enactment - rather it's the costume of a Doctor Who Monster! The bodice is lightly boned, and has ties at the centre back to adjust fit. It is worn over a muslin petticoat with two padded panniers.

The mask was bought as a commercial display "joker" mask as seen here. I removed the decorative crown and some of the gilded detail work, which was made of hot glue and peeled off with hairdryer heat. I then attached the wig directly to the mask, which works as a counter-balance to keep the mask in place. Also this is screen-accurate to a moment in "Doctor Who" when you see the Doctor unmask one of these characters. I used black power-net to cover the eye holes, while retaining some vision while wearing the mask. This gives a very disconcerting effect as it renders the wearer's eyes almost entirely invisible. I re-painted the mask in acrylics and added more gilded detail, using fabric paint in bronze to cover hot glue to match the original decoration. I then glazed the mask with an artist's spray glaze to give it a cohesive appearance.

The wig and mask are worn over a lycra cowl, covering head and neck. This removes the chance of any human skin being visible. It also works as a wig net, covering the hair under the wig, and the pale cream colour compensates for the thin artificial hair wig. The cowl is also the base for the lace cravatte, which is actually made from net curtain material, scalloped and gathered. The gloves are made from the same lycra as the cowl.

The detail and trim is made from pinked ruffles of the dress fabric, with the rose motifs sewn on individually. The roses started life as guipure lace bought on Ebay, shipped from Australia. Originally they were a delicate lilac colour, so I dyed the lace with Dylon multi-purpose dye, then hand painted the leaves with a mixture of bronze fabric paint and gold powder for a two-toned effect.

In the future there are few elements I would like to upgrade on this costume, notably I want to find a better quality wig, and I would like to construct the prop weapon seen onscreen. Otherwise I am pleased with the costume, and it gets an excellent reaction from the public as a really creepy Monster!