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Danni Kearsley-Wooller

Resume pic from Starlight Express, london

Trained: Sarah Goffe theatre school; performers college, essex.
Theatre: Tommy (UK Tour), Buffy and understudied Pearl and Dinah in Starlight Express (Bochum, Germany), Ashley, and understudy to Pearl, Dinah and Buffy in Starlight Express (london). Currently playing Pearl in Starlight Express (Bochum, Germany)

Danni outside StEx in london, September 2000

Danni is one of the most rewarding performers to watch. She conveys a tremendous ammount of energy in her performance, and a sense of such joy in what she's doing, it is impossible not to smile while she's onstage. Her characterisation for Pearl is particularly endearing- her Pearl is a sweet innocent (and maybe not too bright) girl, who doesn't want to hurt anyone but ends up unable to make everyone happy, so she is easily lead by the stronger personalities of Greaseball and Electra. She cares about her friends but doesn't seem to realise how much she hurts them. This makes her Pearl much more likable than some.
As Ashley, Danni just bounced! She had so much energy, she was almost never still. She was constantly improvising and interacting with other characters, one of the most interesting people onstage.
Personally I think she looks better in the curly london Pearl wig than the straight german one.

Danni as Pearl in Bochum

Danni in Bochum backstage between shows

Danni in london, as Ashley, and understudying Pearl.

Danni with Lez Dwight (Greaseball) and Chris Copeland (Electra)
Danni understudying Pearl, revising her choreography notes
Danni as Pearl with David Hulston as Wrench
Danni as Ashley, Backstage
Danni as Ashley, collecting money for charity