Belle's Domain is a fan site and has no connection or affiliation with the Really Useful Group or any other profit-making entity. All brochure photographs are copyright and are used without permission. I make no profit from this website.

Photo Policy
1) email me before using ANY of my photos on another website!

2) I have no problem with any of these photos being used for anything off-line. Projects, art-work, print outs, whatever, go for it! If it's pretty, I'd love to see a pic tho... however DO NOT SELL ANY OF MY WEBSITE CONTENTS as it breaks copyright and every moral decency.

3) Photos taken from brochures/media (magazines, adverts, etc) I view to be in the public domain- Anyone, theoretically, can access these images, therefore I have no right to control their public use. So, please *DO* use Brochure photos for your own site. However, it's greatly appreciated if you mention that I scanned them in... don't claim you did the scanning and use my pics 'cos that's just dishonest. Also email me and let me know, so I can link back to your website! Also a link back to me is good...

4) Candid photos are NOT to be re-produced on another site. Basically, if it came out of a personal camera, don't take it for another website. These pictures are all either mine, or clearly credited. I'm strict about this- these photos are what make my site special.

5) Costume photos- Don't use without asking me first, unless it's a photo of you. If I've a photo of you up and you'd rather I didn't, just email me and I'll take it down.

6) Sorry to be boring and have all these rules!