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Dollz are little hand-drawn characters. They do seem rather pointless, although they do make good avatars for forums, but creating them is a strangely addictive hobby! It takes some patience to draw each pixel in by hand, and this page gives a journey from my very first doll (Pearl, fist Starlight Express doll) to my current dollz and bases. I'm still no expert, but they're fun!
I guess I should say- If you want to use one of my dollz for an avatar on a forum, if possible please do not direct-link, but if you have no storage online then I'll host the doll for you. Do not adopt the dollz which are labelled as gifts or not mine. If you want to use a doll for your website, please link back to me and don't claim it as your own? Thanks!


Made by Thingy Wot! NOT made to scale with Rusty!
Made by ThingyWot! She's there really!

StEx Bases
Please use these bases if you want to have a go at making Starlight characters! The first three are designed for coaches, potentially so you could make a train out of them by making all four girls on one base...

WWRY Dollz
These first animated dollz are all 65 x 65 pixels, to accomodate the restrictions of the YaBB software. (ie. you can use them as avatars!) Please ask me before using them tho.

Gift to Seal, my sister!

The Kelly doll triggered this style of Doll, she was very big and looked wrong without a background, so I sat her on a sofa. But then she was too complex to save as a .gif, so they're .jpg- hence "picture dollz".

Gifts for people- NOT FOR ADOPTION!