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Espresso - The Most Boring Engine In The World.
From Italy, the Rome to Milan Express - The Settebello. Powered by - ESPRESSO!

In London, Espresso races with Buffy in heat 2. They lose. In Bochum, he races with Ashley. They lose.

Seriously, Espresso must be the toughest engine to play, as it's so hard to make him INTERESTING!!! My favourite Espresso was probably Todd Talbot, he managed to put a lot of character into the part. Jamie Capewell also had fun with him. He didn't make it to the US and UK tours, but I don't think many people noticed he was missing... He and Bobo were even advertising the tour for months, despite not being in the production!
His costume in London was very much part of the train set - one of six stripey engines Control had designated nationalities to, and painted details in their national colours. Expresso was bright, eye-catching red. In other productions, he's a violent yellow with many (presumably accurate to the real Settebello) details. Espresso also spends a lot of the show as one of Greasball's gang, in anonymous black, so there's not that many photos of him.
Bochum, 1994


Rob Northwood Julian Essex Spurrier Todd Talbot
Craig Scott Craig Scott Craig Scott
Dustin Dubreuil Dustin Dubreuil
Adam Floyd, Bochum 2006 Adam Floyd, Bochum 2006

Advert for UK tour, which did not include Espresso

Anthony Marciona Bob Lee Dysinger
Yuuki Saito Hideki Tachibana

Frido Ruth, Bochum, 1988

Bochum, 1990

Bochum, 1993

C. C. Brown, Las Vegas, 1993

Costume design for Broadway production Espresso

Onstage Espresso

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