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Flat Top's the little brick truck. He's a bit of a punk, the rebel of the freight train. He's an aggressive little so-and-so, throwing his brick on a chain into the audience (and yes, occasionally it did break and land in the paddock!) but he has an image, trying to cover up that actually, underneath it all he's a sweet, caring kid. Flat-top really wants to be a big boy, one of Greaseball's Gang, And they put up with him most of the time, but he's the little brother, the one they make do the dirty work and beat up if they're annoyed!

Flat Top's quite an innocent, young character, he doesn't realise just how mean Greaseball is. He doesn't race - although he approached Bobo, Ashley pushed him out of the way to claim her partner. He generally is a background character, and as such developed some hilarious ad-libbed actions! I've seen Flat Top use his brick as a mobile, a mouth organ, the chain as a string bass, he's eaten it, of course thrown it... Poppa's Blues was Flat Top's song!

In London, Flat Top's crowning moment was after GB's Gang had beaten up Rusty (and Flat Top received a few punches too, as well as being winded by having rusty's helmet shoved into his stomach) Flat Top made to follow the gang out, but doubled back to check on Rusty - handing him his helmet and asking "You alright, Rusty?" He was usually rewarded by a disgusted glare from Rusty - 'what a stupid thing to say! Yes, Flat Top, I've just been beaten to the ground by 6 ugly diesel engines, I'm just fine!'

London Flat Top is a much more filled-in character than other productions, as after 1992 he had room to develop to compensate for the lack of Caboose. In London he almost has his own sub-plot, but in other productions he's the least of the freight - the Rockies get a big number, Dustin gets to race, and CB's, well, CB! Poor old Flat Top just gets to be aggressive.

My favourite Flat Top is definitely Jamie Golding, who played him as a mix of Gavroche (from Les Mis) with his character from "Grange Hill" (children's TV series set in a rough school). Jamie made Flat Top the deepest and most interesting character in the whole show!

One thing I'll never understand, costume-wise- In non-london productions, Flat Top has his brick on top of his head. Fine. But WHY is the brick made up of lots of little bricks??? London Flat Top changed his shoulders halfway through the show - the big heavy ones are much more impressive, but impossible to dance in so he changed to the lighter ones.

Bochum 1994 illustration

Ian Stanley, Bochum Michael Sundin, 1987 Masayoshi Hamana, 1990

Bochum 1988 Las Vegas 1993 - Andrew A. Currie

Bochum 1990

Bochum 1993

UK tour 2005 - Paul Christopher UK tour 2006 - Adam Ellis UK tour 2007 - Glenn Robb NZ tour 2009 - Jared Pallesen

Darryl Paul Ian Stanley with Sascha Kane and Chris Hornby Darryl Paul
Jamie Golding as Flat-top, London 1999-2000 Ross Dawes- I love this sequence of photos! Ross Dawes and Lez Dwight as Greaseball- I love Joule's reflection in the mirror
Flat-top getting a scolding? Lovely shins mate! Ross Dawes- Flat-top is the only one to notice the camera.  Also notice the pile of shoulders behind him
whatever Ross is looking at, amuses him... Ross Dawes Ross Dawes



Original London Cast Early 80s. They're going so fast, y'see, the camera can't keep up with them...  this is one of the better photos! I know, big pic, but adorable Flat-top!
Early London Early London 1992 - Richard Mylan
1992 - Richard Mylan 1992 - Richard Mylan - looking worried...  errr... we need some help down here... 1992 - Richard Mylan - but GB's gang is COOL!
1994 - Darryl Paul keeps his head down 1995 - Darryl Paul (or Ian Stanley? Darryl wore a wig not a brick?) 1996 - Ian Stanley (Or is it Darryl Paul??)
1997 - Ian Meeson 1997 - Don't argue with him...  if he says he's Ian Meeson, then he is! 1998 - Andrew Spillett
1999 - Eee!  Jamie Golding! 2000 - Jamie Golding, again 2001 - The comparatively lofty Ross Dawes

Japan/Australia Tours

1987 Japan/Australia Tour 1987 Japan/Australia Tour - Flat-top butt 1987 Japan/Australia Tour - Flat-top racing with Bobo?
1987 Japan/Australia Tour 1990 Japan Tour 1990 Japan Tour

US productions

Broadway 1987.  So many square shoulders US tour 1989 US tour 1989
US tour 1989 Las Vegas 1993 2nd US tour
2nd US tour.  He's gonna blame the smell on Buffy, ain't he?

Starlight Express On Ice

On Ice.  says it all. On Ice.  screws through his head! On Ice.  I admit, it scares me!

UK Tour

Paul Christopher, UK tour 04/05, sadly suffering from a nasty case of pagefolditis. Paul Christopher, UK tour 04/05, behind Greaseball UK tour 2006 - Adam Ellis
UK tour 2007 UK tour 2007

NZ Tour

NZ tour 2009

Bochum, Germany

Bochum 1989 Bochum 2000 Bochum 2002
Bochum 2004 Bochum 2004 Bochum 2004
Bochum 2005 Bochum 2006 Bochum 2006
Bochum 2008 Bochum 2008 Bochum 2008

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