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Starlight Express

End of the Line, London 2002
Photos from the final week of Starlight Express playing in London. We, as fans, wanted to make our presence felt during the last few days... and we did... Andrew Lloyd Webber himself said "You're all mad!" Well, he's the one who wrote the show!

We're mad??

LOTS of pics

Six coaches! The night before Six!  Definitely six, definitely coaches!
Yup, count 'em... Do you ever feel like you're going in circles? getting nowhere fast...
Rusty and pretty coaches VERY tall Kirsty Femme electric engine
not every photo can be brilliant. Behave of Joule will BLINK at you! all that's wrong with low leg lines.
commuter train, dressing room, same thing... Volta- Ice. Wrench has shiny lashes.  Shiiiiny...
Pearl's a qualified Hairdresser.  By qualified, I mean... and WHY are you bothering Wrench? Liz lives out a dream...
Liz is Grrr Wrench. umm, that is... yeah!  Grrr!
She can't help poinging. the tall and the short of it... Yes, this Rocky is shorter than Pearl!
Sulky brat. Cute Femme Rusty! Belle and Rusty
Rocky's shorter than Rusty an all. Ever wondered what a sleeper looked like? Pretty, that's what!
Sleeper on a train... Meh? camera? why? Belle
can't stand photos of myself Go away.  I am invisible behind the hair. Ashley and Buffy, best of friends
Buffy- Liz Buffy0523 Buffy is just who Liz IS!
Suits her, doesn't it? It was January.  American Buffet cars feel the cold. Pearl wonders if she should tell Buffy about the big mark across her butt...
Liz-Buff! Mazz as Buffy. Don't complain asbout your cold coffee here! Again, commuter train is the only place to put on makeup
Candid Camera Aaaand Smile! Thingywot as Buffy
Older version of the costume Jus take the fookin sandwich. Anna as Ashley
Smoking with attitude! Now kids, smoking is not cool... It's all about the boots.  When you can't have wheels...
the graffiti doesn't say take more photos, you die. lil' Belle wonders what she's doing with these nutters
wait - I didn't take this picture! Dinah! Ashley! Here! oh, well... WHAT is Dinah up to with that grin?