"Looks and youth ain't everything,
Experience is a quality that counts for a lot.
The sad thing about experience is by the time you got it,
It's usually all you've got..."

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Welcome to Belle's Domain!

This is my personal website, filled with all sorts of things that interest me. I've no pretensions to being an ultimate resource in any single topic. This website is my pet!

Please feel free to explore, I have extensive photo galleries, Exclusive backstage photos from Starlight Express and We Will Rock You, many rare brochures scanned in. Also plenty of sections that are being worked on: Info on less well-known shows; Actor tributes- pages dedicated to my favourite performers; character descriptions and cast lists from various shows.

Join the forum to chat to my friends and I... If you have any specific questions etc, if we don't know, we might know who would. We've got some interesting discussions, and info is posted there as soon as we know it, often before official sources release it!

Please let me know what you think of my site? Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially as there are so many areas of the site still under construction. Any suggestions, donations, naggings, gifts of food or money are always gratefully received! :) If you want to see something I've not yet put up, then email me and nag. It works, honest!

I am a professional costume maker, a career that grew out of my hobby, inspired by the gorgeous costumes onstage in Cats and Starlight Express. Click above to see some of the costumes I have made in the past 8 years (as a learning curve it's entertaining!)

I also often take costume commissions, if you're interested in me making you a costume, or just an element of a costume, then drop me an email!

Belle's Domain incorporates all my previous sites, including The Stage Door and Belle's Costume Archive.

Page updated October 2016.