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Starlight Express


Fantastic show... We were all so excited to finally be there and be seeing the show! Great cast too, as you can see.


The cast board was having existential difficulties on Sunday...

Our Lot

Ceri is so CUTE as Pearl!  It's all so new to her and shiny... Heather's so CUTE as Dinah! Rachel makes a fantastic short-arse Buffy... Skates next year, madam! Mazz looking stunning as Ashley.

It would be fair to say we didn't have the weather on our side for the Open Day on tuesday. That is to say, the rain and wind nearly demolished the outside events, and put off attendance to about half the normal number of visitors, and all packed into the foyer to avoid the soaking outside. This meant we spent quite a while playing around, skating and photographing. These girls proved a very popular photoshoot, everyone wanted their picture taken with them!

Costumes - Dinah, modelled by Heather, was my main college project. More info on Deviantart. Pearl, worn by Ceri, is a work in progress of updating my original Pearl costume dating from 2000. Pearl on Deviantart. Buffy is modelled here by Rachel, minimal updates to this costume in a new leotard and belt. Ashley worn by Mazz, updated from the 2005 version of the costume with a new lampshade skirt. Jill's Rusty costume is all her own.

Jill as Rusty, Rachel as Buffy, Ceri as Pearl, Model Electra with his broken arm, Redcabeese as Red Cabeese, Mazz as Ashley, and Heather as Dinah


The Exhibition, the following day

The timing of the Open Day this year was abysmal. Usually the event is in late July or August, however this year it was late June. This meant the weather was very unreliable, and many people were not able to attend due to school and college commitments. I also had not finished my university term... however that wasn't going to stop me! I had my end of year exhibition in London on wednesday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the Open Day in Germany. Amazingly, I made it with 10 minutes to spare - unfortunately that gave me very little time to set up my display. However I feel the minimal, focussed aproach of my display worked well in the end. Which is what I intended. Of course.