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Weltschaft/Ruhrgold - The German Train.
From Germany - Right on time - the Inter-Continental Express. Powered by Ruhrgold!

Starting life as Weltschaft, the German engine's probably the late developer of the National Engines. His costume was pretty much universal - green and grey with the gold double-headed eagle motif. He changed from Weltschaft to Ruhrgold in London during the 1993 revamp, and shortly after became the ICE in Germany. Personally I can't stand the new costume, he looks like a bad copy of the other nationals.
Ruhrgold races with Joule, in London he lost and collapsed at the end of the race. Joule solicitously gave him a hand up to his feet... and a knee in the codpiece. Poor Ruhrgold, doubled over in pain, is pushed by a very unhappy Joule who whipped him off!
However, in Bochum Ruhrgold does rather better, and comes 2nd in heat 2, qualifying for the final behind Poppa. So he races with Joule in the final, and gets knocked out by Caboose, I think?


Dale Branston Dale Branston Mark Pollard
Craig Scott Craig Scott Mark Hedges
Mark Pollard
Kris Stock, US tour 2003 Jan Apel, Bochum 1994

Christopher Lipari Scott Austin
Rod McCune Shaun Antonio Fernandes - The Flying Hamburger!!!

Bochum, 1994

Jens Klarskov, Bochum 1988

Bochum weltschaft 1990

Bochum weltschaft 1993

Dan Metfalfe, Las Vegas Ruhrgold 1993

ONSTAGE Ruhrgold

London 1992 London 1992 London 1995
London 1997 London 1998 London 1998

Japan/Australia Tours
Japan/Australia tour, 1987 Japan/Australia tour, 1987 Japan/Australia tour, 1987
Japan tour, 1990 Japan tour, 1990

US Productions
Broadway, 1987 Broadway, 1987 US Tour, 1989
Las Vegas, 1993 US Tour, 2003

UK Tour
Jake Samuels, UK Tour, 2005 Ryan Dixon UK Tour 06 - First onstage - Ruhrgold and flag-bearer

Bochum, 1988 Bochum, 1988 Bochum, 1989
Bochum, 1994 Bochum, 1998 Bochum, 2002
Bochum, 2004 Bochum, 2005 Bochum, 2006
Bochum, 2006

Costume design for London production weltschaft