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2nd and 3rd Class Sleepers

The 2nd and 3rd Class sleepers were very brief appearances in the original London show. The running list had Greaseball come in singing Pumping Iron after Lotta Locomotion, before Electra and components entered at the end of the Entry of the Nationals. This meant there were only the four coaches to dance Pumping Iron, but more girls sitting in the wings, not yet introduced. The solution was to give Joule and Volta coach costumes, the 2nd and 3rd class sleepers - simple black and white costumes. They were brought onstage by Greaseball for Pumping Iron, and off again immediately after. Their only purpose was to fill out the ranks for the dance. The fact that Pumping Iron was originally choreographed for 6 girls, not 7, is evident in the way poor Wrench is tacked onto the end of every line. She was not a sleeper, and therefore not orginally part of Pumping Iron.

Photos of their costumes are incredibly rare, as they only appeared in the original london production, before the song order was changed to have Pumping Iron follow AC/DC.

Sleepers Onstage
London London, 1984 London, 1984

Lucy as Sleeper/backup costume, London 2000 Heather as Sleeper, London 2002 Heather as Sleeper, London 2002