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Actor Tributes

These people are among our favourite performers, for various and possibly spurious reasons. I've enlisted the help of my friends in this page, so not all views are my own. I'll do my best to clearly credit everyone. If you've anything to add to any of these pages, then email me, I'm always looking out for links to websites dedicated to these guys.
Also If there's someone who you think should be on this page (and is in some way relevant to this site, someone I've heard of!) then send me some blurb about why you love them, and their resume if I don't have it, and I'll add a page dedicated to them as well!

Guys Girlies
Jamie Golding Danni Kearsley-Wooller
Koffi Missah Amy Field
Adrian Hansel Jo Gibb
Chris Copeland Helen Latham
Rob Grose Giorgia Barberi
Woody Woodford Mazz Murray
John Partridge Tamara Wall
Tony Vincent Hannah Jane Fox
MiG Ayesa Jodie Jacobs
Niel Couperthwaite Golda Roshuvuel
Dustin Dubreuil Debbie Kurup
Nigel Clauzel
Mykal Rand
Adam Floyd