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Costume Photos

Photos taken by Adrian Hansel - March 2000
Adrian- We LOOOVE YOU!!! *grins* (I think he knew that anyway...)

Adrian Hansel so cute! Adrian again Adrian Smith
Barry McNiell as Bobo, with Adam floyd as Nintendo behind Danni K-Wooller as adorable Ashley! Jamie Golding as Flat-top- gotta problem wivvat?
Algie Williams changing into GB's Gang costume Lez Dwight as Grrrreaseball! Bobo- Barry McNiell, Turnov- Dustin Dubreuil, Espresso- Todd Talbot, Ruhrgold, Mark Pollard, all bullying Adrian Smith as Princey on the floor
Rob Grose as Rocky 2, Roni Bruno as Buffy- she's just standing up.. Roni's butt...  bit hyper buffet car. Rob, Roni and their little friend
Amanda Valentine- lovely camera work, Adrian!