Belle's Domain

Rusty Rommel Singson Pearl Danni Kearsley-Wooller
Greaseball Nigel David Casey Dinah Rachael Wooding
Electra Paul Jay Dudley Buffy Rachel Marshall
Poppa Lothair Eaton Ashley Emma Raciti
Rocky 1 Tony Cordell Krupp Christophe Kinds
Rocky 2 Dwight Toppin Wrench Emma Nelson
Rocky 3 Craig McDermott Purse Gary Albers
Flat-top Ramon Visser Volta Dawn Leigh-Woods
Dustin Ken A. Nelson Joule Kirsty Wone
Caboose Rhoe Thornton
Bobo Mikael Petersson Swing Jodie Jackson
Espresso Gianni Salvucci Swing Mairi Cowieson
Ruhrgold Chris Barron Swing Amy Jenkins
Turnov Robert Jakeman Swing Louise Perez
Hashamoto Tom Moneypenny Swing Marides L. Lazo
Swing Toni Timmins Swing Andrew Margerison
Swing Austin Jetton Swing Dolan Josť
Swing Anthony Frazer Swing Daniel Lee Stull
Swing Lee Ives Swing Markus Herrmann
Swing Peter Warthmann Swing Matthew Wing
Swing Pharic Scott Swing Robert Hardware
Swing Lee Lomas Swing Stuart Tayler
Swing Andrew Carroll 44 in Company

Obviously there are actually more photos in the 2001 brochure than these 6! However they are all reprints from either 2000 or 1998, so no point in duplicating them here; these are the pictures from 2001 specifically!