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Every year, StEx used to raise money for Equity Fights AIDS, by means of holding the audience to ransom... every exit was guarded by a skated member of the cast, smiling firmly and holding out a bucket. If you paid up, you were allowed to leave... :o)) It's a tactic that seemed to work very well!
These charity nights were also excellent photo opportunities- these photos were all bought! By making a donation, each actor was then happy to pose for photos. Good thing.

Bucket collection 2000
Adrian Smith Gabrielle Noble Gabrielle Noble
Martin Matthias Algie Williams Rob Grose
Danni K-W
Bucket collection 2001
Jo-Leigh Whelan Adriano Agostino Chris Copeland
Woody Woodford Woody Woodford Woody Woodford
Woody Woodford Woody Woodford *ahem* Algie Williams again
Maxine Everett? Maxine Everett? Ritchie Ray-Allen
Mark Hedges Martin Neely Martin Neely
Martin Neely Jamie Capewell Craig Scott
Craig Scott