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Gypsy Rose's Photos- US tour, April 2004
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Leesa Osborne as Wrench, and Graham Harvey as GB's Gang/Turnov Russel H. Saylor III as Caboose, and Clarissa Grace as Pearl Clarissa as Pearl- strong stripes on her bodice in this pic, not noticed before
Gary Albers as Nintendo Scott Bolt as Dustin, and Franklin Warfield as Rusty Kelly Stensland as Joule, and Kait Holbrook as Volta
Graham Harvey as Turnov Kris Stock as Ruhrgold, and Stephen Maestas as Hopper 3 Tony Andrade mid-makeup
Eric Freese part-Princey Leesa Osborne and Gypsy Gypsy, Kris and Graham Harvey
Kris, Graham and Leesa Dustin Dubreuil, Kris and Gypsy