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Costume Photos

Photos taken by Helen Latham- Last Week of London production, Jan 2002
Thankyou Helen, these pics are FABULOUS... if you ever see this, and want copies, email me!

Last Cast- Don't cry, Dinah!  And We got Rocky 3's crotch instead of Poppa's Head...  fair enough! Subdued atmosphere backstage Flat-top- Ross Dawes
Rusty- Mark McGee Rocky 2- Lwo Bidwell Poppa- Trevor M-G and Ben Clare wandering in front of him
Chris Copeland as Electra, Dale Branston as Dustin Chris in front of a mirror Ritchie Ray-Allen getting dressed as Krupp
Helen Latham is such a CUTE Dinah! Aww, Electric Love... Chris and Kate Martin Neely as Princey/GB's Gang
Scott Murtargh, Rocky 1 Woody Woodford as Bobo Pearl- Jo Gibb- yeah Jo...
Greaseball and a thoughtful Buffy Angel Buffy!