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Japanese/Australian Tour

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The Japan/Australia tours of Starlight Express are the most mysterious of all the productions. Partly because they were 20 years ago, partly the language barrier, but I know very little about this show! The tour started in Japan in November 1987, and continued to Australia from January - May 1988. The Japan leg was, apparently, narrated by a Japanese Control while the cast performed in English. The Australia leg was performed in a big-top style tent, which gave their huge set mobility.

* Tokyo: 15th November - 11th December 1987
* Osaka: 24th December 1987 - 10th January 1988
* Sydney: 24th January - 28th February 1988
* Brisbane: 6th March - 20th March 1988
* Melbourne: 27th March - 14th April 1988
* Adelaide: 21st April - 8th May 1988
* Perth: 18th May - 29th May 1988

The show was so hugely popular in Japan that in 1990 they reprised the production, with mostly the same cast. The show ran March 24 to July 18, 1990, playing to arena-size audiences of 10,000 a night.

Rumour has it that the set and all properties of this magnificent production were kept in a warehouse belonging to RUG, which suffered a disastrous fire and everything was destroyed, along with various other irreplacable sets for other shows.