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Costume Photos

Photos taken by Jo Gibb- April 2001
Jo was so amazingly kind to take these photos for me! I'd literally spoken to her twice before, and she's just such a friendly, lovely person she got me these GREAT pics! I'd told her that I make fan costumes, and need good reference pics, so she kept that in mind...

Jo as Pearl.  Not Barbie, Pearl.
Jo Gibb and Helen Latham Amy field as Buffy, Helen Latham as Dinah, Sam Lane as Ashley Mark McGee
McGee's Butt Helen Latham Helen's derriere
Todd Talbot as Purse Purse arse Greaseball- Jason Capewell
Louise Jones as Volta-  that should NOT be physically possible! Dale Branston as Dustin Algie Williams, Rocky 3, with a.... dog toy?
Woody as Bobo Ritchie Ray-Allen as Krupp with his daughter Chris Cpeland and Emma Dodd
Chris and Jo, in character backstage Ross Dawes as flat-top Kate Alexander-  don't mess with Wrenchy!
Martin Neely as Princey Graham Martin as Poppa with Emma Dodd