Belle's Domain

London 1984

These guys were amazing! Think about it, back in 1984, they're working with a guy, who, 3 years ago, made a musical about cats, now he's making one about trains? Plus, they've all got to skate??? It must've taken some confidence to be in this cast!
28th march 05 - Updated these pictures. This brochure is incredibly difficult to work with, so I hope that you appreciate the results!

Rusty Ray Shell Pearl Stephanie Lawrence
Greaseball Jeff Shankley Dinah Frances Ruffelle
Electra Jeffrey Daniel Buffy Nancy Wood
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Chrissy Wickham
Rocky 1 Danny John Jules Krupp Eddie Kemp
Rocky 2 Attlee Baptiste Wrench Carole Amphlett
Rocky 3 Richard Bodkin Purse Kofi Missah
Flat-top Paul Reeves Volta Voyd
Dustin Gary Love Joule Debbie Wake
C.B./Caboose Michael Staniforth Belle P. P. Arnold
Bobo Tom Jobe Swing Eleanor Bertram
Espresso Ruel George Campbell Swing Uduak Ephraim
Weltschaft Mark Davis Swing Raymond Hatfield
Turnov Bobby Collins Swing Pollyanna Buckingham
Hashamoto Drue Williams
City of Milton Keynes Raymond Hatfield