Belle's Domain

photos from the centrefold of the 1987 brochure.
There seemed to have been something of an issue concerning the wigs at this very early stage of the production. Dinah in particular went through some interesting changes, and Ashley's wig reflects its era!

Rusty Kofi Missah Pearl Kim Leeson
Greaseball Drue Williams Dinah Beverley Kay
Electra Maynard Williams Buffy Caron Cardelle
Poppa Lon Satton Ashley Voyd
Rocky 1 Attlee Baptiste Krupp George Canning
Rocky 2 Tristan Rafael Wrench Carole Amphlett
Rocky 3 Rory Williams Purse Gary Cordice
Flat-top Eddie Kemp Volta C.Jay Ranger
Dustin Nick Lloyd Joule Anna Daniels
C.B. Robin Wright Belle Shezwae Powell
Bobo Greg Ellis Swing Beverley Braybon
Espresso Cye Newton Swing Ruel George Campbell
Weltschaft Eamon Geoghagen Swing Zoe Caryl
Turnov Robert Northwood Swing Gary Forbes
Hashamoto Trevor Hodge Swing Stephen Le'Roche
City of Milton Keynes Swing Alison Therese Limerick
Swing Michelle-Anne Musty Swing Winston Pitt
Swing Richie Pitts Swing Lee Proud
Swing Peter Rees Swing Michael Skyers
Swing Kevyn Waby Swing Ruth Welby
Swing Angie Williams Swing Robert Yeal